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2015 Winner - K2 Customer Satisfaction Award

"BQE Software proudly announces that its flagship product BillQuick, now celebrating its 20th anniversary, has won the K2 Customer Satisfaction Award for the second year in a row. As the repeat winner of this prestigious award, the BQE team is consistently recognized for delivering excellent service that exceeds customers' expectations."

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CIO Story

"BQE Software develops innovative practice management software for professional services firms. Its products simplify the way firms enter and use information for time tracking, billing, and accounting. The expert legal technology team at BQE Software is led by Rosemary Kupfert, BQE's Legal Technology Consultant."

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BillQuick Legal - Capterra's Top Law Practice Management Software

"Attorneys all over the world use BillQuick Legal to handle their day-to-day time & expense tracking, billing and accounting tasks. BillQuick Legal streamlines most common time and billing tasks to ensure that no billable time slips through the cracks. Significant industry-specific features allow you to make more informed decisions and efficiently manage your matters."

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2015 Winner - Capterra's 4 Outstanding Project Management Software Awards

"The Sleeter Group's Awesome Application Program is a competition largely for accounting software. However, this year's pick also functions as a project management tool. BQE BillQuick is good for both small and large firms as it offers scalable solutions to choose from. This project management software solution is great for firms who need accounting integrations, offering compatibility with Intuit, Microsoft, Sage, and MYOB."

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2015 Winner - Sleeter Awesome Application Award

"BillQuick has been awarded the '2015 Awesome Application Award' for the fifth time by The Sleeter Group, an accounting technology company dedicated to helping accountants and small businesses achieve greater efficiencies and higher profits. It is a repeat winner of the 'Awesome' award because the product serves the professional services business so well."

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2014 Winner - K2 Customer Satisfaction Award

"BillQuick has won the 'K2 Quality Award' for Customer Satisfaction by K2 Enterprises, the preeminent provider of technology-focused education to accountants and other professionals. Winning this prestigious award clearly indicates that BillQuick is the true leader in project-based accounting software for professional businesses."

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Review of BillQuick 2014 - CPA Practice Advisor

"BillQuick is a comprehensive and powerful time and billing solution that has matured over more than a decade to meet the very specific needs of accounting firms and other professional services firms. The underlying databases can support virtually any number of users, clients and projects, especially those needing job tracking and reporting features."

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2013 Winner - Sleeter Awesome Application Award

"The Sleeter Group, the largest network of small business accounting technology and business process design consultants in the country, has named BillQuick 2012 as one of their 2013 Awesome Application Award recipients. This award signifies that BillQuick has truly cemented itself as one of the most productive and effective technologies on the market, known for consistently exceeding the highest standards of design and ease-of use while aligning with appropriate accounting standards."

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Review of BillQuick 2012 - CPA Practice Advisor

"On the market for more than 16 years and with a growing U.S. and global user base, BillQuick is among the more mature and fully seasoned time and billing systems available to the accounting profession, offering automated timekeeping, invoicing and project cost management. BillQuick offers a comprehensive time and billing system, with excellent support for project management, detailed control over time and expense tracking, good AR and AP functionality and extensively customizable invoicing functions. Although a powerful tool, the system maintains a user friendly interface and navigation features."

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Law Office Computing

"BillQuick's user-friendly interface and excellent help features get you up and running quickly. Couple that with scalability and affordability, and you have time and billing software suitable for law firms of all sizes..."

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Legal Times

"BillQuick allows users to keep time on their desktops has loads of reports and billing formats, many of which can be customized and is hefty enough to handle thousands of clients and their related matters..."

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Review of BillQuick 2011 - CPA Practice Advisor

"First released in 1996, BillQuick is an automated timekeeping, billing and project management software with a large user base among many professional services industries, including accounting, architectural, legal and consulting. It comes in four different editions, with each offering additional features: Lite, Basic, Pro and Enterprise. Depending on the edition, BillQuick runs on either a Microsoft Access database, Microsoft SQL Express or SQL Server. The single-user Lite version is free and is the number one time and billing software downloaded from BillQuick can be installed on a single-user system, a peer-to-peer network or on a network server environment."

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