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Top New Features in Web Suite 2015

Web Suite 2015 is filled with powerful new features designed to maximize project visibility and control, simplify project-based accounting and improve overall productivity. With significant performance enhancements, this latest release promises to deliver amazing results at an incredibly fast speed.

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Brand New User Interface

Brand New User Interface in Web Suite

We changed the look and feel of Web Suite. Not only does this new UI provide a richer user experience, it also takes advantage of the new HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

Enhanced Accounting

Project-Based Accounts

Web Suite 2015 allows you to assign the Income, Expense, A/R, Retainer and Liability accounts at the project level. These accounts are then inherited by project-related invoices, vendor bills and other financial transactions. So if you want your project income to be posted to a specific G/L account, just specify that account in the Project screen and Web Suite 2015 will handle the rest.

Support for Multiple A/R Accounts

If you need to maintain multiple A/R accounts for your business, take advantage of the new Accounts Receivable option added to Billing Review and Manual Invoice. This allows you to track various types of accounts receivable transactions in separate A/R accounts.

Introducing Class

Web Suite 2015 supports the assignment of user-defined Classes for all transactions including time and expense entries. Whether you are tracking multiple business entities, locations or various cost centers, Class is a simple yet powerful feature that handles this requirement.

Ability to Run Financial Reports by Class

With the introduction of Class, you can now run your Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and other financial reports by class.

Vendor-Based A/P Account Assignment

Just as Web Suite 2015 now allows multiple A/R accounts, it also supports multiple A/P accounts. You can assign a non-default A/P account in the Vendor screen or simply override it in the Vendor Bills screen.

Ability to Email Purchase Orders with Attachments

Just as you can email estimates to clients directly from Web Suite, you can now enjoy the same feature in the Purchase Order screen. Not only can you email the PO to your vendor, you can also include attachments in the email automatically.

Ability to Change Purchase Tax in Vendor Bills Screen

You now have the ability to view and update the purchase tax rate assigned to each expense line item of a vendor bill.

Improved Project Visibility and Control

New Recurring + Hourly Contract Type

A brand new contract type called "Recurring + Hourly" is added to Web Suite. This contract type allows you to bill a certain fixed amount on a recurring basis plus any time and expenses on an hourly basis.

View Actual Hours Spent in Real-Time on Budgets and Estimates

Budget and Estimate screens now show the actual hours (and units) used in real-time and the hours left on each line item. This provides managers with a powerful tool to keep their projects within the budgeted hours.

Project-Level Class Assignment

Whether you are tracking project income or performance by partner, location or any other parameter, the new Class property available at the project level will make this task extremely easy. All related reports can then be filtered by a specific class.

Attachment and Memo Indicator in Time and Expense

No more guessing if a time or an expense entry has a file attached to it or if there is a memo linked to the record. In 2015, we have added visual cues in Simple Time Card and Simple Expense Log to clearly indicate which entries have memos or files attached to them.

Workflow Includes Budgets & Estimates

In Web Suite 2015, the Submittal and Approval Workflow has been extended to budgets and estimates. The history of the entire workflow can be viewed on the Workflow screen and notifications can be received via email or upon login.

Flexible Tax Rate Assignment at Fee Schedule Level

You now have the ability to specify tax rates at the fee schedule level in Web Suite 2015. This functionality plays an important role if some of your projects have different item-level taxes than others.

Faster Performance

Performance Improvement

Web Suite 2015 was compiled using a newer version of Dot Net Framework 4.0. This new framework provides significant performance improvements throughout the application, and support for the latest hardware and operating systems. We also made changes to our underlying data structure, resulting in faster display of information on screens and reports.

Web Suite Server Farm Support

Web Suite 2015 was designed to allow users to install the application and reports engine on multiple servers, thus improving the response time of each part during peak hours.