Productivity Services

Sometimes even a pro can use some help. Our Productivity Services are designed to help you where you need it most.

Service Ideal For Summary

Billing Assistance

Firms that:
  • Need more resources in their billing department
  • Need their Office Manager to do other things
  • Want ongoing guidance for their billing staff but don't want to take up senior staff's billable time
  • 4 hours monthly with a BQE Expert
  • Assisting you through your billing process
  • Maximizing billable items
  • Ensuring all invoices are on time and accurate
  • Ongoing coaching of your billing person
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10 Point Tune-up

Firms that:
  • Outsourced or don't have an IT department
  • Want to ensure their investment is optimized for performance, security and reliability
  1. Backs up your database
  2. Storing database offsite
  3. Truncating log files
  4. Installing latest BQE Software releases
  5. Reviewing billing for leaks
  6. Reviewing staff performance
  7. Archiving completed projects
  8. Reviewing new Client, Project, Employee and Vendor information
  9. Running Sync Reports
  10. Reviews newly recorded Client, Project, Employee and Vendor records
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Productivity Package

Firms that:
  • Are at least three months after initial implementation
  • Know they should be getting more out of their investment but don't know where to look
  • Needs analysis
  • Plan developed by dedicated BQE Expert
  • Software installation
  • Integrate supported accounting packages
  • Training
  • Monitors first billing
  • Once a week follow-up for four weeks