Top New Features in BillQuick 2016

BillQuick 2016 delivers a powerful pack of new automation tools that effortlessly organizes your project data and efficiently manages your accounts payable. Designed to help you optimize business processes for maximum results, BillQuick 2016 simply allows you to do more in less time.

Import Credit Card Transactions

In BillQuick 2016, you can now download your credit card transactions and have it import them automatically to your credit card register. If BillQuick finds that the transaction already exists in your company file, it will match the entry to prevent duplication of data. This is a huge time-saver for businesses that use credit cards or have large sets of transactions every month.

Auto Open Your Favorite Screens

A simple yet powerful startup section is added to the User Preferences screen where you can specify up to five of your favorite screens that BillQuick will open automatically for you every time you log in.

Track Credit Card Expenses

Many businesses use credit cards to make project-related purchases. A new expense-level property in BillQuick will allow you to select which credit card was used for a specific expense. Once you specify the credit card, BillQuick will automatically create an entry in the credit card register. This is a huge time saver if you or your employees use credit cards for business expenses and are reconciling your credit card line items manually.

Auto-Update Project Data from the Client Screen

Here is an easy way to change the invoice templates, fee schedules, payment terms or currency on all projects for a specific client; make the change in the Client screen and let BillQuick update all the associated projects automatically.

Auto-Include Phases

When reviewing time, expenses or invoices for a project with phases, simply select the parent project and BillQuick will automatically include all the phases and sub-phases. An efficient way to preview your project data with one click.

Send Multiple Attachments as a Single File

If you are attaching receipts and other backup documents to your invoices and sending them by email to your clients, you may be overloading your client with too many email attachments. In BillQuick 2016, you can send all invoice-related attachments as a single .zip file. This not only minimizes the email attachments, but also makes it easy for your clients to find all the backup documents in a single file. Your clients will thank you for this and hopefully pay their invoices faster.

Memo on Pay Vendor Bills Screen

Want to add a check or EFT memo to the bills paid through the Pay Vendor Bills screen? We added a new Memo attribute to this screen that automatically populates the memo field on the associated check. No more double editing.

Project Level Retainer

While BillQuick always supported Project Retainer, it was not possible to receive a retainer for a parent project and then let its phases use it. With BillQuick 2016, you can now receive the retainer at the project-level and then apply all or a portion of that retainer to its phases and sub-phases.

Organize Purchase Order Lines with Line Numbers

If you want your purchase order line items to be sorted in a certain order, you can now control the order by moving lines up and down and letting BillQuick auto-assign line numbers.

Time and Expense by Class

Here is another powerful use of Class attribute in BillQuick. We added a brand new "View by Class" filter to the Reviewer screen to allow you to view all the time and expense data specific to the selected class or a range of classes.

Line Items by Account in Vendor Bills

In BillQuick 2016, you can now have the vendor bill line items link directly to a specific chart of account and therefore, bypass the need to specify the expense item.

Detail View of Unpaid Expenses

When you are writing a check to a vendor with unpaid expenses, BillQuick 2016 will alert you of the unpaid vendor expenses and let you select the ones you are planning to pay. A huge time saver if the expenses are already in the system.

Balance Sheet by Class

If you are using the Class feature in BillQuick to track multiple companies or profit centers, this report is a must to provide a complete picture of your company financials.