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Top New Features in ArchiOffice 2015

The latest version of the brilliantly designed solution for architects allows you to easily and efficiently manage your business data. With ArchiOffice 2015, you have the power to steer your firm in the right direction.

Access Your Information with Ease

Archive and Restore

With the new Archive and Restore feature, you can easily select which projects you want to archive and remove all related time and expenses, invoices and payments. In the event you need to restore this information, it's as simple as a single click to have all the historic time and expenses, invoices and payments added back. This feature not only creates more space on the database, but it also increases the data processing speed.

Email Invoices Directly from ArchiOffice 2015

You can now directly email invoices from ArchiOffice 2015 with a custom message to your clients. This feature allows you to skip opening your emailing system after generating an invoice, saving you valuable time and increasing your productivity.

Redesigned Search Screens

We've redesigned all our Search screens and reorganized them so that they’re more intuitive and easy to use. Now all of your business information is easier than ever to find!

Relocated Project Performance

We've relocated the Project Performance screen to the Billing section which is not only more logical, but easier to access.

Easily See Draft Invoices by Project Leader

We've added a filter by Project Leader to allow Project Managers to easily isolate the draft invoices waiting for their review.

New Dashboard Widget Displays All Connected Users

We've relocated the Project Performance screen to the Billing section which is not only more logical, but easier to access.

Stay Smart and Organized

Enhanced Calendar

When viewing the calendar, you can hover over an Event, Milestone or To-Do and see detailed information. We've expanded the information that is visible by including the project number and project name. It is no longer necessary to open the detail view to see which project the item belongs to.

Auto Alert for Calendar Events

If you're assigned to an event in the ArchiOffice calendar, you will now get an on-screen alert in advance as well as when you log in.

Smart Find

When searching for time or expense records, the phases that appear in the dropdown menu only display those that are used by that project and not the global list of all phases in the database. When searching for projects, you can now use custom fields.

Smart File Names for Reports and Invoices

When you output reports or invoices to PDF, RTF or CSV format, the file will have a smart title including, report name, project number, invoice number and current date. Previously, all reports were given generic numerical names, making it impossible to figure out what the report contained unless you opened the file.

Smart Search

When using the Quick Search field in Projects, it now allows you to easily switch between searching amongst active projects or all projects.

Get Better Visibility into Your Finances

Start and End Dates for Project Phases

We've made it easy for you to schedule start and end dates for project phases. By doing this, you can run financial reports which can project revenue over time by calculating the budgeted fee over the length of the phase.

New Dashboard Widget Shows Past Monthly Payments

To strengthen your financial visibility, we’ve added a chart on the Dashboard to show payments received month to month.

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